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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to Root Remix OS Using Ubuntu

Assuming you have installed Remix OS on your system by following my guide in my previous post. And now you want to get the root privilege of various essential tools including Titanium Backup, Rom Explorer, Xposed Framework and more. Well, like others android OS, RemixOS is also rootable. OK, let's root our RemixOS, i'll show you how to do this using Linux Ubuntu (you can use Ubuntu LiveCD if you are windows user and still want to root using this method)

  1. Download this tool and extract it to your Desktop it will create RemixRoot folder.ubuntu desktop
  2. Copy system.img from your remix folder ,where ever you've installed it, to RemixRoot folder remix os installation
  3. Open terminal and type: sudo -i
  4. Type your password (you won't see what you are typing, this is normal)
  5. Change directory to RemixRoot folder by typing: cd /home/user_name/Desktop/RemixRoot  (Change user_name with your username)
  6. Now run root script by typing sh on your terminal hit enterremix os installation
  7. Now, you can close terminal.
  8. Open RemixRoot folder, you will find root.img fileremix os root
  9. Rename it to system.img and copy to your remix folder ,where ever you've installed your remix, replacing your previous system.img file.
  10. Reboot to your RemixOS open SuperSu and update its binaries.
Congratulation, your RemixOS is rooted. Do whatever you want with your own risk.

To see how i root my Remix, watch this:

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  1. Hi,

    I suspect you already know this but the file that you are suggesting to download from Google Drive gives this error message, "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist." krissyfl